I was born in 1975 and since 1978 I’m living in Hamburg, Germany. After an apprenticeship at the NDR (German Television) I started working as camera-assistant, first for ENG and Profilfotodocumentaries. Because I’ve always been curious for new techniques and workflows I started a hands-on training at a major camera rental company which gave me the possibility to get in touch with feature film production, commercials and music-clips, first as clapper/loader and soon as focus puller.

In 2003 I bought my first camera and founded ‘frische filme’ - my own ‘production company’. Since then I shot footage for many productions all over the world, on all the different kinds of cameras, from Super 8 Nizos to Sony’s F35 HDcam SR. My special subjects are corporate video, commercials and documentaries but I’m also experienced in scenic productions and TV.

If you’ve got any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me: mail@sebastianbock.com